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Shill Me a Car
  Spitfiree, Oct 03 2020

It's time for me to buy a new car except I'm clueless about cars. I don't want a sports car I know most of you would shill me a BMW M5 or something like that. I mean I do, I just can't spend a 100k$

Currently split between buying a brand new one e.g. something like the new Octavia seems quite a reasonable price/quality-wise. Or going for a second-hand higher tier like a BMW from 2015.

The issue with secondhand cars is you don't know what you're getting, the sellers are scammers that rollback their kilometers and hide any red flags quite well combined with the fact that I'm clueless about cars I'm basically a fish sitting on a table with all nosebleed regs. The other disadvantage to secondhand cars is that you won't be taking advantage of all the support and maintenance that comes with a new car and if you're unlucky you could end up spending shittons in repairs.

I'm pretty much set on buying a new one cause it makes more sense from a financial standpoint - I won't have to pay in cash and could get a lease with < 0,5% interest leaving more cash on the side for me. The Octavia sounds like the best idea, but also looking into VWs e.g. Golf/T-Roc ... or Passat/Arteon (the issue is that will stretch my budget a lot and I won't be able to get many extras otherwise this is an obvious instant call the Arteon looks cool as fuck)

Anyway I know most of you are spending a decent amount of time around cars as a hobby so any information that would help me make a decision is appreciated.

P.S. I also just noticed that my previous blogpost was that I quit smoking ... kind of cool I didn't know almost 2 years have passed

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I quit smoking
  Spitfiree, Dec 20 2018

One of the dumbest decisions anyone could do is to start smoking, yet so many of us fall for that trap. I've been basically sick for 2 out of the past 4 months, turns out I have pharyngitis, it's been a long time coming I guess, considering I was already noticing some signs of health issue due to cigarettes past years. As every other smoker, I decided to ignore it and try to push through them by going to the gym or playing soccer, perfect idea amirite?

I've been smoking for 11 years and I've never NOT smoked in my adult life. I don't know how social interactions look like without having cigarettes, I havent gone to a cafe, had dinner or went for a walk without knowing nicotine is there. It's quite disturbing and pretty sure non-smokers wouldn't think this is big of a deal, but just imagine having something to fill every gap in your everyday routine. Got 5 minutes to bust? Smoke a cig. Your friend is late? Smoke a cig. You're in a situation where you feel weird? Smoke a cig to calm down. You could literally use lighting a cigarette as a reaction to pretty much anything. You could fill every second of boredom, while in fact, you're just thinking that way, but not really doing anything other than killing yourself.

I've previously actually have gone through statistics of smokers and the percentage of diseases they get compared to non smokers, in order to convince myself that the pros/cons is kind of worth it as long as I get to enjoy more cigarettes. Have you heard of anyone else trying to prove to himself with hard data that its a risk worth taking doing something that brings you no benefits, but could potentially end you? Pretty hilarious when I look back.

Kinda dumb that I'm making the decision due to health issues, I've always said to myself that the moment I hit 30 I'd stop smoking, but its possibly just another one of the lies every smoker tells to themselves. The truth is nicotine is poison, and because it's a poison its so easy to fall for it and never acknowledge the power it has over you. Cigarettes are rarely enjoyable and even when they are enjoyable they its just for a few puffs, there's literally no advantage to them.

Anyway it has been 4 days - yeah not really any milestone. The physical cravings are pretty intense sometimes, but mentally I don't feel like nicotine can push me towards it. I feel like I've slowly but surely been shifting my view of tobacco for the past year even while smoking up to the point where I wouldn't feel the mental need to smoke, as long as the physical cravings to away. I keep a pack on my desk and in my car. They're almost always within the reach of my hand, but far away from a smoking place, thus I'd have time to think about what I'm doing if I fall through. I need to make sure that I'm mentally prepared for that and knowing that I won't fall for the trap i set myself seems like a good plan.

Just wanted to post this here, have it written down somewhere to work as a remainder, in case I need it.

P.S. If you're a smoker - you're an addict, just the same thing as an alcoholic or a drug-abuser, you're lying to yourself otherwise.

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Diablo 2 Keys
  Spitfiree, May 25 2018

Anyone got Diablo 2 keys for classic & lod that he wont use? I can send you a few bucks @ paypal for them or something

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